There and back again

Adventures of Norbert

The famous Yatsumine ridge on Tsurugidake, one of the three great ridges of Japan (剱岳・八ツ峰主稜縦走)

A nice climbing tour, a bit longer, on the from what one hears most difficult mountain in Japan. 1100m of altitude difference, 8 towers to pass, many rappels, so quite some technical knowledge is necessary. Besides that the climbing difficulties are minor, nothing above UIAA III.

On the evening before the climg the hut warden told us we will have to make a bivouac, the emergency service warned us that the conditions are very bad, the two friends of Masumi came back late at night from a small part of the ridge and were destroyed. Not the best introduction to the climb. Anyway we started, and we were back in time before dinner, no need for a bivouac.