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All those funny trips in Japan and abroad that make life worth living.
  • BachoTeX 2017, Poland, April 2017

    9 photos

    BachoTeX 2017, Poland, April 2017

    Another great conference with our Polish friends in the wonderful Bachotek - wooden log houses on a peaceful lake, perfect surroundings for a week of typography and typesetting.

  • Picnic and Sansai, Ono, Fukui, April 2017

    20 photos

    Picnic and Sansai, Ono, Fukui

    Our yearly trip to the pastures above Ono, Fukui, to collect wild vegetables, followed by a lavish dinner at our place.

  • South Africa June 2016

    82 photos

    South Africa June 2016 A great trip to South Africa, mostly the area around Kruger National Park and north to the Venda region.

  • TUG 2016 Toronto

    74 photos in 3 sub-albums

    The TUG comes to Toronto, with lots of excursions and an excellent set of talks!

  • New Years Day in Ishikawa, January 2016

    7 photos

    New Years Day in Ishikawa, January 2016

    Long time that we did spend New Year in Ishikawa. A short New Years Day trip to the Kibagata and the Komaiko beach.

  • Kusatsu Onsen 草津温泉 December 2015

    14 photos

    Kusatsu Onsen 草津温泉 December 2015

    A short and relaxed trip without skiing (and without snow) to Kusatsu Onsen. Here I have had the first natto in my life, and we stayed in the same pension as 10 years ago.

  • Certosa di Pontignano, Siena, December 2015

    9 photos

    Certosa di Pontignano, Siena, December 2015

    A conference in memoriam one of my professors at a converted monastery in the hills of the tuscany, the Certosa di Pontignano.

  • Crab festival and Soba 越前のカニ祭とそば November 2015

    13 photos

    Crab festival and Soba 越前のカニ祭とそば

    A short trip to Fukui for the crab festival in Echizen and some soba. Too many people with not enough food stalls at the festival, but we managed to grab our share.

  • Hakusan White Road (Superrindo) and Gokayama October 2015

    16 photos

    Hakusan White Road (Superrindo) and Gokayama October 2015

    A great trip along the Hakusan White Road (Superrindo) to Gokayama during the height of koyo, the time of changing of the leaves.

  • Toyama Glass Art Museum 富山市グラス美術館 October 2015

    12 photos

    Toyama Glass Art Museum 富山市グラス美術館 October 2015

    Curated by a good friend of us, and recently opened in a spectacular new building, both the building and the Glass museum sets standards of excellency.

  • Gujohachiman 郡上八幡 September 2015

    28 photos

    Gujohachiman 郡上八幡

    A very short trip to Gujohachiman in Gifu, with nice old streets and houses, an old castle, and great nature caves, all in about 2h drive from Kanazawa.

  • Swansea Trip September 2015

    20 photos

    A research trip to Swansea with far too much work, but at least one day we climbed Pen y Fan, the highest mountain of southern England and Wales. An easy hike in a beautiful landscape!

  • Sansai Season 山菜季節 2015

    18 photos

    My most favorite Japanese food: Mountain vegetables 山菜

    This year really enjoyed the Sansai season a lot, with several times going out picking myself, plus the usual fare of Sansai in restaurants. Here some examples.

  • Otabi Matsuri Komatsu 小松のお旅祭り Mai 2015

    5 photos

    A great festival with Kabuki played by children between around 6 and 10. Professional!

  • Mitsukejima 見附島 April 2015

    8 photos

    Mitsukejima is a monolith on the east coast of the Noto peninsula, which we visited with guests.

  • Hawaii March 2015

    11 photos

    Short trip to the Big Island (Kona) and Oahu (Honolulu).

  • Nagasaki New Year 2014/2015

    86 photos

    Nagasaki New Year 2014/15

    6 days in Nagasaki prefecture: colonial times, Christian history in Japan, and the atom bomb

  • Amaharashi Coast (雨晴海岸) December 2014

    17 photos

    Short trip to Amaharashi Coast

    After a great End-of-the-year party we did an inpromptu trip to Toyama's Amaharashi/Himi coast to see the Tateyama chain over the sea.

  • Christmas 2014

    13 photos

    Christmas 2014

    A short break from the hustle, and a French Dinner.

  • Melbourne December 2014

    57 photos

    Melbourne in December

    My first trip to down-under, for a conference in Melbourne, gave me a bit time to savour this spectacular town.

  • Trip to Shimane-ken 島根県 November 2014

    65 photos

    Trip to Shimane-ken

    A short trip to Izumotaisha, Matsue, Adachi Art Museum, and some other nice places in Shimane-ken and Tottori-ken.

  • Hakusan Superrindo and Shirakawago 白山スーパー林道と白川郷 October 2014

    15 photos

    Hakusan Superrindo and Shirakawago 白山スーパー林道と白川郷

    A trip over the great panorama street on Hakusan in the middle of perfect autumn colors - not suprisingly we weren't alone. Finish in Shirakawago.

  • Canterbury, England September 2014

    21 photos

    Canterbury, England

    A short trip to Canterbury (University) with a visit to the cathedral, the town, and a hike to the coast.

  • Sinaia, Romania September 2014

    33 photos

    Sinaia, Romania

    A short visit for a conference to the old royal village of Sinaia, Romania. Beautiful hike, old castles and monasteries.

  • Palio di Siena 2008

    20 photos

    The Palio di Siena

    One of the oldest and most crazy horse races on the most beautiful place in the world - the Piazza del Campo di Siena!
    (Photos by Filippo Galluzzi and Norbert Preining)

  • Making Umeshu 梅酒の作り方 June 2014

    5 photos

    Making Umeshu

    This year we received a huge box of excellent Wakayama Ume from our friends - which I converted immediately to Umeshu. Now if there wouldn't be the waiting time ...

  • Shirayamahime Jinja June 2014

    6 photos

    Shirayamahime Shrine

    A short visit during a bike ride along the Tedori river to my preferred shrine. Shaded by huge cedar trees and closely connected to Hakusan, it was the perfect place for our wedding ceremony.

  • Udo dinner ウドの夕食 June 2014

    8 photos

    Udo collecting and cooking

    A short search for the last mountain vegetables this year brought back lots of Udo - and an excellent dinner with Udo tempora, Udo kimpila, Udo sashimi, katatofu, ...

  • Golden Week May 2014

    19 photos

    The first time spending the Golden Week in Kanazawa

    Dinner with friends, Kutani Festival, Trip to Fukui, La Folle Journee - a great program!

  • Hanami April 2014

    7 photos

    Hanami April 2014

    Only short after-work stops this year, but still nice feeling. The core point is to go with the bike and enjoy good sake together with the hanami!

  • Southern Tuscany March 2014

    22 photos

    Southern Tuscany

    After long time I could finally return for a short trip to my old home in Siena and enjoy a trip into the soutern Tuscany, Crete Senese, Val d'Orcia - paradise! See this blog post for details (in Japanese).

  • Making Miso February 2014

    10 photos

    Making miso paste

    After many years in Japan there are still things I try the first time - this one is making my own miso paste!

  • Joshua Tree and Grand Canyon New Year 2013

    133 photos

    A wonderful trip over New Year to Joshua Tree National Park for climbing and Grand Canyon National Park. See the blog entry Joshua Tree and Grand Canyon for more details.

  • Independent Wine Makers of France Fair November 2013

    5 photos

    Around 1000 producers, around 10000 different wines, all for free tasting. A paradise would I live in Paris and don't have to carry every bottle back to Japan.

  • Around Swansea November 2013

    31 photos

    Visit to Swansea

    During the weekend of my research trip to Swansea university we explored the Gower peninsula, and managed to walk over to the island of Worm's end.

  • Visit to Bath November 2013

    19 photos

    A trip to Bath, UK

    During a short visit to the University of Bath we had the time to visit the city of Bath, famous for its Roman bath.

  • Superrindo and Sanpoiwa November 2013

    14 photos

    It is Momichi season again

    This year we had the chance to accompany two guests from Germany over the Hakusan Superrindo to Shirakawago, enjoying the beautiful coloring of the leaves.

  • Impressions from Georgia September 2013

    137 photos

    A trip to Georgia

    A country full of contrasts, as well as beautiful nature and incredible friendship.

  • Kawakita Hanabi August 2013

    9 photos

    Kawakita Hanami 2013

    As usual a spectacular firework - very enjoyable with lots of food and drinks along the Tedori river.

  • Inohanayama June 2013

    15 photos

    A nice hike to the biggest Katsura tree of Japan

    Through deep vegetation and beautiful scenery to the top of Inohanayama and to the biggest Katsura tree in Japan.

  • Hyougo-ken March 2013

    63 photos

    A short trip to Hyougo-ken - Kobe, Mount Rokko, Arima Onsen

  • Hiking Yarimizu Kannon Yama March 2013

    14 photos

    Short hike with good views in Ishikawa

    A short hike to Yarimizu Kannon Yama, on the boarder between Nomi-shi and Komatsu-shi, provides great views onto the Ishikawa plains and the sea, as well as onto Hakusan. See the blog post ハイキング 遣水観音山.

  • Shiga-ken: Hikone-jo, Omihachiman, Ume Bonsai February 2013

    22 photos

    A weekend in Shiga-ken alongside Lake Biwa

    This weekend we made a trip to visit our friends in Shiga-ken. See this blog post for details.

  • Minabe Wakayama-ken February 2013

    25 photos

    Enjoying Ume blossoming in Minabe, the Ume-town of Japan

    See the following blog entries: Around Shirahama and Ume Garden.

  • Wales February 2013

    59 photos in 3 sub-albums

    A working trip to Wales, with two excursions to the Gower peninsula and the Carreg Cennen Castle, and a visit to Mumbles.

  • Paris New Year 2012-2013

    91 photos

    New Year 2012/2013 in Paris

    A too short trip to Paris with visits to the Louvre, Montmatre, and also Mont Saint Michel. Inspite of the huge crowds worth the long travel

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