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Course Logics and Mathematics
Course number L211E
Contact PREINING, Norbert
+81-(0)761-51-1170 (phone)
Office: C2-302a (Multidisciplinary Research Center 3F)
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Lecture plan 10/07 Examples of Math in the 20. century slides
10/12 Holiday
10/14 What is Mathematics slides
10/19 What are proofs? slides homework
10/21 Induction I slides homework
10/26 no lecture
10/28 no lecture
11/02 Induction II slides homework
11/04 (office hour) Strong induction, construction of reals slides
11/04 Number systems slides homework
11/09 The infinite -- comparing and counting slides
midterm report
11/11 Diagonalization and cardinalities slides homework
11/16 Axiomatic method, set theory, paradoxa slides
11/18 Peano arithmetic, compass and ruler constructions slides
11/23 Holiday
11/25 (Non-)Euclidean geometry, functions, limits, continuity slides homework
11/30 Graphs, models of computation slides homework
final report
12/02 Verification + Review of the lecture slides
mid term report Deadline 11/15 midnight
final report Deadline 12/8 6am JST
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